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About The Series

What To Do When (Vol.0)

Emotions are completely normal and may be either healthy or unhealthy. When an emotion is very strong and we want either to express it or to control it, we come across the question: What to do? What To Do When presents a series of multiple volumes discussing a number of human emotions such as greed, anger and love with the suggestions to cope with them. A young reader will definitely like to have these beautiful multicoloured illustrated books in his/her personal collection!

  • Size: 252 x 174mm
  • Paper Suggested: 130 gsm Mat Art Paper
  • Pages: 32
  • Volumes: 25
  • Binding Suggested: Soft Back
Volumes in this series
  • U Are Being Greedy
  • U Are Being Naughty
  • U Are Being Proud
  • U Are Jealous
  • U Feel Moody
  • U Wanna Be Brave
  • U Wanna Be Smart
  • U Wanna Behave Well
  • U Wanna Control Anger
  • U Wanna Forgive
  • U Wanna Help
  • U Wanna Listen
  • U Wanna Love
  • U Wanna Share
  • U Wanna Stay Fit
  • U Wanna Stop Cheating
  • U Wanna Stop Complaining
  • U Wanna Stop Destroying
  • U Wanna Stop Fighting
  • U Wanna Stop Hurting
  • U Wanna Stop Losing
  • U Wanna Stop Lying
  • U Wanna Stop Stealing
  • U Wanna Stop Teasing
  • U Wanna Stop Using Bad Words

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