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About The Series

Playtime Fun (Vol.0)

Fun is a thing that gives enjoyment or pleasure and makes us feel happy. It may be encountered in many activities such as work, recreation and play. Playtime Fun presents a series of multiple activities a kid would like to do in their playtime. Every book is a must for the tiny tots!

  • Size: 252 x 349mm
  • Paper Suggested: 130 gsm Mat Paper
  • Pages: 8 pages Die cout outs + Menu Card + Order Ship + Napkin + tableclouth
  • Volumes: 10
  • Binding Suggested: Centre Stitch
  • Finish :Glittering/foil/Laminated
Volumes in this series
  • Christmas
  • Circus
  • Doctor
  • Fairy Land
  • Home
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping
  • Tea Party
  • Teacher
  • Zoo

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