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About The Series

Hey its me (Vol.0)

How about reading an animal picture book? Here is an amazing series, Hey! Its me, which would fascinate little kids of 2-5 years old with its interesting content, making our young kids fall in love with animals. These picture books are clubbed with beautiful illustrations and are created to leave an impact on the childs mind.

  • Size: 152 x 152mm
  • Paper Suggested: Board/EVA
  • Pages: 12(including cover)
  • Volumes: 20
  • Binding Suggested: Board/EVA
Volumes in this series
  • Paulo the Panda
  • Elisa the Elephant
  • Radz the Racoon
  • Slouw the Sloth
  • Dave the Dinosaur
  • Ulla the Unicorn
  • Fahad the Fox
  • Heli the Sea Horse
  • Dolly the Dolphin
  • Octa the Octopus
  • Darika the Deer
  • Polly the Penguin
  • Braun the Bear
  • Kiki the Kitten
  • Lais the Lion
  • Mellie the Mermaid
  • Bahjat the Bunny
  • Caren the Cow
  • Shabri the Sheep
  • Demi the Dog

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