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About The Series

Flip n Play (Vol.0)

Kids will love reading Fairy tales that have Princesses and Princes. How about a book which has amazing short stories of princes and princesses along with fun activity of flipping the sturdy die-cut board pages to create new outfit combinations for princes and princesses. Our wonderful series “Flip n Play” has it all. It has a number of princes and princesses pictures which can be split in three parts so that kids can mix and match faces and outfits in a variety of combinations. And they are dressed in their very best finery! The lavish gowns, sparkling tiaras, jeweled accents, and elegant hairdos are sure to bring young learners royalty hours of fun.

  • Size: 223 x 303mm
  • Paper Suggested: 130 gsm Mat Paper
  • Pages: 14 (including Cover)
  • Volumes: 2
  • Binding Suggested: Hard Case/Board
Volumes in this series
  • Prince
  • Princess

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