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About The Series

25 Ways To (Vol.0)

Teenagers go through a lot of feelings, which need not be positive all the time. The present series 25 Ways To is an innovative way to teach youngsters how to handle negative emotions and get hold of their lives in a positive manner. Volumes on topics like handling stress, managing disagreements, surviving peer pressure, getting rid of addiction, etc. are bound to help them become positive about life.

  • Size: 120 x 165mm
  • Paper Suggested: 130 gsm Mat Art Paper
  • Pages: 32
  • Volumes: 12
  • Binding Suggested: Hard Case or PB
Volumes in this series
  • Become an Achiever
  • Conquer Fear
  • Crush Anxiety
  • Handle Anger
  • Manage Disagreements
  • Handle Stress
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Overcome Depression
  • Conquer Failure
  • Overthrow Shyness
  • Survive Peer Pressure
  • Sex & Love

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