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Creating a Sensation

The exclusive domain of book making & printing services and rights selling Xact Group holds today traces its roots to a strenuous past of over 13 years of day and night hard work and unbeatable determination to be the best in every endeavour.

It was a humble start when Xact Group stepped into the publishing industry, and within a span of a few years captured the Indian market, providing publishing solutions of utmost quality to publishers all over the country.

Driven by the passion to create a global mark, Xact entered into international market and started serving leading publishers from countries like Poland, Korea, USA, UK, Dubai, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania.

Undeniably, every step taken left a trail of sensational successes!

Areas of Expertise

Over the years, Xact has launched several fiction and non-fiction titles in the form of:

  • General Information Based Books
  • Illustrated Dictionaries
  • Illustrated Almanacs & Encyclopedias
  • Illustrated Dictionaries
  • Story & Poetry Books
  • Illustrated Classics
  • Art Books
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Cookery Books
  • Board Books
  • Graded ELTs
  • Graded Activity Books
  • Graded Educational CDs
  • Graded Educational Tools & Kits

What We Do

Xact Group has been dealing with the packaging and publication of children as well as general books and educational kits and tools since a decade.
Releasing more than 4,000 titles every year, we provide the best publishing solutions at the most competitive prices in the industry.
With corporate offices in Poland, Korea, USA, UK, Dubai, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, and many more countries we do:


  • Rights Selling
  • Co-editions
  • Total Publishing Solutions
  • Bulk Quantities
  • Country Partnership

We are always ready to Sit, Chat & Sign Deals to Win the World!

Meet us at:
Hong Kong Book Fair 20-26 July 2016
Beijing International Book Fair China 24 Aug - 28 Aug 2016
Moscow International Book Fair 7th-11th Sep 2016
LIBER Madrid International Book Fair Barcelona 12 Oct - 14 Oct 2016
Frankfurt Book Fair Germany 19 Oct - 23 Oct 2016
Sharjah International Book Fair 2nd-12th Nov 2016
Istanbul Book Fair Turkey 12 Nov - 15Nov 2016
China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair 18th-20th Nov 2016
Guadalajara International Book Fair 26 Nov - 04 Dec 2016
New Delhi World Book Fair New Delhi 07 Jan - 14 Jan 2017
Bologna Children’s Book Fair Bologna, 3rd-6th April 2017
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